10 Random Facts About Ariana Grande

Posted on Dec 8, 2011

Did you know that Ariana Grande gets nervous before stepping onto the red carpet? Or that she had a history of puppy love in preschool? Find out tons of things you never knew about Ariana, when we recap the top ten random facts she spilled in the tweet trees.


1. "I don't want to have any age preventative work done... I'm excited to be a little old lady one day."
2. "In pre school, I was sent to the principal's office almost every day for kissing boys on the playground..."
3. "I get nervous on red carpets and I make this silly face where I push my eyebrows up and look confused. It's got 2 stop! Lol."
4. "(Not really about me) My dog Coco has a prominent under bite and one of her ears sticks up at all times. Only one!"
5. "I've had at least 5 strawberries a day since I can remember. They're my favorite food!"
6. "When I record in the studio... I like to help produce my own vocals... I am obsessive about my music!"
7. "Im so grateful 4 the opportunities I've been given so far this lifetime, and I hope 2 be doing what I'm doing now, 4ever."
8. "I have a warm heart... I have a lot of love for a lot of people. I want to spend a day introducing you all to my friends!"
9. "Family is what I value most... Grandpa just walked into the room. He's the cutest. Hi Grandpa."
10. "Last not least... I have such wonderful fans. They make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you #loveyou!"

You know what they say, 5 strawberries a day keeps the doctor away! Well, if your name is Ariana Grande at least...

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