Ariana Grande in A Snow White Christmas

Posted on Dec 20, 2012

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Ariana Grande sure is... A Snow White Christmas, that is. She's playing the role of Snow White in a stage production of A Snow White Christmas at the Pasadena Playhouse in California! The classic fairy tale is getting a modern makeover in this interactive and hilarious play, with Ariana as the leading lady. And she dished to J-14 about the experience of going back to the live stage. Plus, we got to hang with her at rehearsal and snap some exclusive pics just for you. You're welcome!

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"I was actually a theater kid growing up, I always used to love Broadway musicals," Ariana said. "And I would do community theater, and I was actually in a Broadway show when I was 14 with Liz Gillies. So it's been really fun to get back on stage and to be doing live theater again, I missed it a lot. I feel like I'm doing what I started out doing again, so it's been a really amazing experience and I love the cast."

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Looks like Ariana is celebrating the season right, with an awesome new gig and plenty of princess perks. Can't wait to see the show!


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