Happy Birthday Ariana!

Posted on Jun 26, 2011

Everybody grab your forks cause it's time to dig in to another delicious birthday cake! But before you smash your face in a plate full of icing, the birthday girl's gotta blow out her candles! And who's the lucky girl that was born on this beautiful day you may wonder? Why, it's Ariana Grande of course! And because we think this Victorious birthday beauty is just so lovably wonderful, we decided to count down the top five things that make her so awesome. It's the least we can do on her bday!


5. She's got great hair. Even though Ariana wasn't born a red head, she totally made the scarlet-haired look famous!


4. She's got serious style! We love to follow this starlet's fashion trends. Check out this adorable frock she rocked to the KCAs.

3. She's an amazing singer. Did you hear her belting out during the iParty with Victorious mash up song? Wowza! This girl's got some serious pipes. Relive her perfect performance here!


2. She's hilarious! We crack up every time we watch Victorious thanks to Cat's offbeat oddities.


1. She's the life of the party! Check her out gettin' down on the dance floor during the iParty after party! And her birthday is no exception...She had a mega bash this year to celebrate, and she was tweeting all about it. She chirped, "When I sent out my birthday invitations to all of my friends & family I wrote "It's My Party!" as the heading (inspired by that song). :]"

It is your party, Ariana! And you deserve to party like a rock star! Well, that shouldn't be hard because you already are one:).

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