Ariana Grande's 'Girl Talk'

Posted on Aug 9, 2012


Can't get enough of Victorious gal, Ariana Grande? Well, you're not alone, 'cause neither can we! No matter how often we list off the reasons why we love this Hollywood super-starlet, we always end up finding something new that makes us heart her even more. Our peeps over at Girls Life chatted with the bubbly star and got the 411 on all things Ariana. And we were reminded, once again, why this adorable celeb has got so many fans and followers.


Thanks to her role as Cat on Victorious, we couldn't possibly imagine Ariana without her fun, red locks. She may be a natural brunette, but she thinks the new color suits her personality perfectly! "...this has made me who I am. I feel like it's the right time in my life to be doing something crazy and fun." Yup, timing is surely everything, and we're really glad that she's learned to embrace her awesome, spunky 'do.

But Ariana's learned a lot more from Cat than just how to rock scarlet tresses. "I try to be more like Cat in my personal life," Ariana explained. "She only sees the good in everyone, and that inspires me."


Cat might inspire Ariana, but Ariana's mission as a mega celeb is to also inspire others! She took a time out in her interview to give the readers some expert advice on crushes. "...You need to be able to be yourself in front of whomever you're with," Ariana said. And this gal lives by her own rules. "I learned it's important to focus on being OK with who I am -- and to know I have friends and family who love who I am," she said.

But sometimes, even level-headed stars like Ariana need advice from others. Luckily, she's got her cast mates for that! "We're really a family; brothers and sisters," she gushed. "We see each other at our best and our worst."


From knowing how to deal with crushes to keeping a confident outlook, Ariana's got a pretty good head on her shoulders...bright red locks and all.

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