5 Things You Didn't Know About Ariana Grande

Posted on May 27, 2011

We just love watching Ariana parade around as the clueless Cat on Victorious. Her character is just so fantastically funny! But we wanted to know a little bit more about the real Ariana Grande. And it turns out, she's just as lovable as Cat... But she's just not as easily distracted (LOL). Here's five fun facts that we bet you never knew about Ariana!


5. She's not a natural red head! Ariana is truly a brunette, but when the creator of Victorious decided he didn't want an entire cast filled with brunettes, he made her dye her hair. We think it looks great!
4. She's a wizard whiz. She absolutely loves the Harry Potter books!
3. She's really good at impersonations. We wanna see her impression of Victoria Justice!
2. Her favorite foods are strawberries and sushi. Yum!

1. Her favorite word is bubble. Probably because she has such a bubbly personality!

Ariana is a totally Grande gal! We could hang with her for hours; eating sushi, reading pages of Potter, and listening to Ariana impersonate every member of the Victorious cast. Sounds like a dream day to us!


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