Ariana Grande's Advice On Dealing With Bullies

Posted on Nov 9, 2012


There's one topic that Ariana Grande always takes seriously, and that's bullying. As a victim of bullying herself, she's become an expert on how to deal with teasing. And she shared her all star wisdom with her fans, friends and Cambio.


"It's so hard for me to talk about it, 'cause I know exactly what it feels like," she explained. "I am obsessed with the Internet and social media, so of course I always see tweets and comments that are negative and horrible. And sometimes, they can really get to you.


But Ariana has learned how to keep her chin up and stay strong. In these situations, she explained, it's important to remember your positive influences. "You really just have to know, you have your family, you have your friends," she said.

Staying close to the people who care about you the most is a great way to stay positive in any situation, and we're happy to hear that it's what keeps this bubbly star going strong.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of bullying and in need of any help or advice, not only can you listen to the wise words of your fave stars like Ariana, but you can also head over to The Big Help for more tips and info!


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