Ariana Grande's Halloween Tweet Attack

Posted on Oct 31, 2011

It's time for another tweet attack from Ariana Grande! And this time she's chatting to her fans all about Victorious, plans for her new music, and (just in time for all of today's spooky skelebrations) her Halloween costume! Check out what she chirped out this rapid-fire Q and A with all her followers and twitizens.


Fan 1:"what are you going to be for Halloween?"
Ariana: "I kind of want to be a can can dancer! How about yourself? :]"
Fan 2: "Do you like gloomy weather?"
Ariana: "I love the rain! I think it's romantic & perfect for watching an old movie, hehe"
Fan 3: "when do we get 2 meet Cat's brother shes always talking about :)"
Ariana: "Haha, I'm not quite sure! Maybe someday... Hmmmm"
Fan 4: "whatcha listening 2, love?"
Ariana: "Some oldies & some new stuff 2! I love Rihanna's new song.. What're you listening to these days?"
Fan 5: "cant wait 2 hear ur music <3"
Ariana: "Thank you! I cant wait 4 you 2 hear it... Performing an original song 4 the 1st time this weekend!"

We think Ariana's costume choice fits her perfectly! Why? Well, 'cause not only is she an awesome performer, but she sure can can dance! ;)


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