Is Ariana An iCarly Fan?

Posted on Jun 24, 2013

Ariana Grande iCarly Fan 1

Ever wonder if the stars of your favorite shows watch your OTHER favorite shows? Teen Vogue asked Sam & Cat's Ariana Grande if she ever watched the irresistible classic iCarly, and it sounds like good taste runs in her family! The star spilled, "My mom was obsessed with iCarly, so every day I would come home and she would be watching iCarly! I would watch it with her."

Ariana Grande iCarly Fan 2

When asked if she and her costar Jennette resembled their characters, Ariana confessed, "The cool thing about both of us is that, in real life, we're both in the middle of Sam & Cat." Like the filling in a Sam & Cat sandwich!

Ariana Grande iCarly Fan 3

If you're hoping for guest appearances on the show, you're in luck! "We had Eric Lange who plays Mr. Sikowitz from Victorious, but so far that's it," said Ariana. Jennette McCurdy hopes to bring in an old pal to guest star too, "I would love for Miranda to come on board with it. It would be super funny." Can you handle all that awesome?!

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