Ariana Is A Caraoke Star

Posted on Jul 15, 2013


Sam and Cat star Ariana Grande lives, eats and breathes music. In an interview with Saturday Night Online, the celeb confessed her passion for pop and her ultimate fave place to jam out. "My favorite part of the music making process is right when you finish a new song… and listen to it on the way home really loud," she said. "That's a super exciting moment, I love to do that." Hey, the only thing better than cranking up the tunes is cranking up your own new hit single!


And since Ariana is such a caraoke fan (if you didn't know, caraoke is when you belt out karaoke tunes in the car), she should definitely collaborate with pal and fellow Victorious star, Matt Bennett. He's got some great pipes and we hear he's also a real rock-star behind the wheel. Can you say, car-monies?


But if blasting your new tracks is the best part about dropping a new album, what's the worst part? Well, Ariana shared, "The most difficult thing about recording an album is… picking the singles and narrowing it down because you've put so much work into everything and you don't want to see any of those songs go to waste." Well, with music as awesome as Ariana's, we'd find it pretty tough to choose too!

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