Ariana The Collector!

Posted on May 31, 2013

Ariana Grande The Collector 1

Everyone knows that Cat Valentine and her pet purple stuffed giraffe are best buds. But Cat isn't the only one with a soft spot for fluffy sidekicks. Sam and Cat celeb Ariana Grande is a stuffed animal lover, too. In fact, she used to collect tons of them! But that's not all Ariana had in stock during her collecting days...

Ariana Grande The Collector 2

Back in the day, Ariana collected tons of things, including hockey pucks! Yes, we said hockey pucks. Do you think she swiped any from the Big Time Rush set? If not, we think that would make for a pretty sweet addition.

Ariana Grande The Collector 3

But that's not all. Ariana will never be stuck without a costume on the 31st of October, 'cause she also used to collect Halloween masks!

Ariana must have a pretty big closet at home, 'cause this is a lot of stuff! But any time there's a pickup hockey game, costume contest, or fluffy stuffed animal tea party, Ariana will be totally prepared. Hey, it could happen...


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