Ariana Grande: Style File

Posted on May 25, 2011

Ready for a quick game of guess-who?...Who's fabulously fashion forward, effortlessly elegant, with lovable locks the color of fruit punch? Why, it's Ariana Grande of course! We totally dig this glamour girl's fashion finds, and she knows just how to rock 'em right. Whether she's layin' low in a relaxing romper, or strolling the red carpet as the mini dress princess (you'll get what we mean...) this girl can out dress Hollywood's best. Check her out!


Ariana made us a fan of tan after sporting this mini dress at KCA 2011.


This girl's got some supernatural style! Check out this mini dress she rocked to the Twilight: Eclipse premiere.


Even though Ariana is going for a more comfy/casual look with this relaxing romper, she never takes a rest from flawless fashion!


Ariana was lookin' red, white and beautiful with her scarlet locks paired against this wonderful white mini.


Look out '90s! Scrunchies are making a comeback. Ariana went retro in this grey scrunched mini dress.


We wish you a mini Christmas! Ariana sported yet another mod mini during the holidays.

We just have one thing to say after checking out this style file...The mini is SO ini! Just ask Ariana!


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