Ariana Talks Music!

Posted on May 19, 2013

Ariana Talks Music 1

Singing, acting, dancing... Ariana Grande does it all! How does this gal handle so many talents at once? We're about to find out. After recently performing at the Wango Tango concert in Cali, she talked to KIIS FM about balancing her busy career. Plus, she chatted about performing solo on stage!

Ariana Talks Music 2

First, Ariana dished about her acting and music careers. "I wanna do both at the same time, but keep them very separate. I'm very excited that I'm at an age where I can do both, because I love doing both. I still love doing [TV], and I love making music that is more mature and that I can sort of grow up with," she said.

Ariana Talks Music 3

Looks like Ariana can add juggling to her list of awesome talents. But let's get back to the performance! What was her big solo gig like? "It was crazy, there were a lot of people," she said. "The stage was spinning as our number started, which we weren't expecting. So we just went on with it and it was just great and it turned out to be wonderful... the audience was really warm and nice and friendly."

So maybe instead of triple threat we should call Ariana a quadruple threat. Or a quintuple threat. Or sixtuple? Bah, there are just too many talents to count!


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