Ask Ariana!

Posted on Aug 11, 2011

If you could ask Ariana one question, what would it be? Would you ask her what it's like working on Victorious? Or maybe what shade of red her hair really is...Well, whatever your question is, it just might be answered by the singing superstar herself! Ariana had a total tweet attack this week and decided to open up to all her fans and answer tons of questions submitted from her fellow twitizens.


She tweeted, "I'm going to answer 50 questions tonight when I get home from work! Feel free to send your questions all day & I will pick for 2night!...Also, I'm going to follow the person who comes up with the most creative & challenging question... a little homework for my tweethearts! :]"

Okay, usually homework isn't fun. But this is the best assignment ever! The questions poured in within seconds, and Ariana kept to her word...

One fan asked where Ariana would hide an elephant if she was given one. And the starlet replied, "I'm not sure if I'd be able to hide an elephant! Haha, I think I'd send it to live with a nice elephant family. :]"

Another fan asked Ariana which animal she'd be if she was born in the wild kingdom. She replied, "Haha, I think possibly a lion or some kind of dinosaur or dragon."

And what about autographs? Does Ariana sign her own fan mail? Ariana gave the 411. She said, "Of course! I would never have someone else sign my fan mail for me. That's why it sometimes takes me a while to get back! Xo"

And we know Ariana always looks glam no matter what. But one fan wondered if she wore makeup at home. Ariana chirped back, "No, when I'm at home I usually never wear make up. I love giving my skin a break & being my natural me. :]"

Finally, what would Ariana do if she ruled the world? She said, "I would let the world know about the secret relationship we have with the aliens who live underwater & that they're nice. Jk."

LOL! Well, let's just be glad Ariana was kidding about the alien invaders, because even though she may not rule the world (yet), she's got some serious star power in her back pocket.

And when her tweet attack finally subsided, she made sure to give one last shout out to her fans. She chirped, "That was so much fun, i loved all of your questions! Thanks again, everyone, xo."

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