Nick Jonas Gives Props to Ariana Grande

Posted on Jul 8, 2011

Who's a bigger Ariana Grande fan than we are? Well, nobody. But Nick Jonas comes pretty close! He was raving about the Victorious starlet to PopStar! and he spilled all about writing and producing some of her new music tracks.


Nick said, "It's been a really fun process working on writing and producing for other artists this year and making that my main focus. I work with some really talented people. And I've had the opportunity to guide some people too, and help them in that way...And hopefully some of the tracks will be out there soon for people to hear."

And then he gave some major props to Ariana. He said, "I think that Ariana's gonna have a great year. I'm looking forward to seeing all that she does. We've written a couple songs and they sounded really cool. She's got an incredible voice and I see her doing great things."

How sweet of you Nick! And we definitely agree. Ariana's got one of the best sets of pipes in biz. Now when did you say her new tracks are coming out? We need them asap!

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