Ariana's Tweet Attacks!

Posted on Aug 25, 2011

Ready your keyboards and clear the inter-waves because Ariana Grande is about to have another tweet attack! It seems like every day this gal is chirping up a storm to fans and friends around the globe. And that's why she's become one of the most influential tweet-sters on the planet! Not to mention, she's a total tweetheart, too. Check out some her best chirps below!


You know a tweet attack is about to begin when Ariana chirps something like this..."Tweet attack in a little while... get ready!" ...Everyone alarm the chirp alert!!

And then she'll spend hours chatting one-on-one with her fans, answering questions, giving advice, and thanking them for their endless support! Isn't she the sweetest? Check out this Ariana q and a straight from one of her tweet attacks...
Ariana: "Alright, q & a time... you can ask whatever you want! Have fun, xo!"
Fan 1: "What's your favorite thing to drink?"
Ariana: "I love water & coconut water! So delicious... anything really hydrating & delicious. How about you?"
Fan 2: "if you could hangout with one celebrity dead or alive who would it be?"
Ariana: "I would love to spend a day shopping with Audrey Hepburn or a night dancing with Michael Jackson. "
Fan 3: "what is your favorite way to put up your hair?"
Ariana: "Pony tail!"
Fan 4: "You can choose your last meal. What will the menu consist of?"
Ariana:Strawberries, sushi, and mangos."

And don't think she forgets about all her celebrity pals in the tweet seas. She's always chirping to her fellow Nick Stars and co-stars.

She shouted out to Jennette during one of her fan q and a's. Ariana tweeted, "@jennettemccurdy Do you miss me as much as i miss you? #askjennette" (Awe, how adore!) And Jennette replied, "@ArianaGrande let's hang out ya nerd!"

Ariana also loves to give tons of shout outs. She chirped to Victoria, "So much fun walking the red carpet next to my good friend @VictoriaJustice! It was so great seeing you! :D" And she even gave Miranda a supportive get well soon, tweeting,"@MirandaCosgrove I hope you get well soon! I love & miss you so much. Xo"

This gal should get an award for being the coolest and chirpiest tweety bird around. In fact, we're ready for another tweet attack right now. Bring it on, Ariana!

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