Avan Jogia and Ariana Grande Chat Victorious and Romance

Posted on Oct 29, 2011

Listen up! 'Cause Ariana Grande and Avan Jogia are spilling it all! In an interview with Mizz Mag TV, Avan and Ariana chatted about their Victorious characters, how much they really get along with the rest of the cast, and Avan even spilled some deets on his romantic side...


First off, what's next for Beck? Well, Avan's got some big plans for that. He said, "I wanna explore different, like, weird characters. I want Beck to start doing like, very bizarre characters. Like some sort of strange Russian character. I think he should explore being an actor more. That'd be fun."

But after chatting about his on-screen counterpart, Avan dished on his real life. And it turns out, he's a bit of an everyday Romeo. He said, "Being romantic is kind of like a constant thing. It's not like an event, or something."

But what about Ariana's character? Well, while chatting about her Hollywood Arts persona, she admitted how much she truly idolizes Cat. She said, "I aspire to be like her sometimes, because she really has no filter. She doesn't judge anyone. She's not afraid of being judged. And she just lives a beautiful life. And I love the way she thinks."

And how much does the Victorious cast really get along? Let's just say they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Ariana said, "We're so fortunate to have a cast that actually genuinely likes each other. 'Cause we're all teenagers and it could have gone horribly wrong, but we're so lucky...I hear about so many young casts that don't like each other. And it's horrible. So I feel so blessed 'cause we all genuinely like each other and are really happy for one another. And love spending time with each other...We have so much fun."

We knew this awesome cast had to be BFFs in real life. You just can't fake that chemistry!

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