Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett Were Roomies?!

Posted on Feb 7, 2013

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What would it be like to live under the same roof as Victorious star, Matt Bennett? We think it would be totally rad (as long as Rex doesn't tag along...we hear he's a messy house-guest). But if you really wanna know what it's like having Robbie as a roommate, then you can ask his cast mate, Avan Jogia. In an interview with First News, Avan spilled about how he shared a house with his pal from Hollywood Arts!

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While chatting about working with the cast of Victorious, Avan explained, "It's really cool. It is like a family. Honestly, it's not some made-up line where we say we're like a family and we secretly hate each other. We are like a family. I've known Victoria for a long time, since I was 15, so it is nice to have a friend there as well. I lived with Matt Bennett, who plays Robbie, for almost a year. We rented a place together. I think a lot of us came from out of town, so we kind of clung to each other because we didn't know anyone else!"

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But what are Avan's plans for after the show? He said, "I want to make stuff. I want to make movies and direct stuff and produce stuff and write stuff. I want to go behind the scenes as well as on screen. I think you have to make your own destiny in this world. You get given an opportunity and that is the jumping board; from there you have to build your own path."

No matter where Avan's path takes him, we're sure he'll always stay close to the cast of Victorious. Especially if they're living in the same pad!

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