Victoria Justice Scared the Oatmeal Out of Avan Jogia!

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image Victoria Scares Oatmeal Avan Image 1

We know Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia love to goof around. That's what BFFs do! But there was one prank between the duo that gave Avan an unexpected slurprise. Check out the story Avan dished to Bop and Tiger Beat about Victoria's joke that almost lost him his lunch!

Blog Image Victoria Scares Oatmeal Avan Image 2

Avan said, "There was this one time, I was walking down a corridor and Victoria was in front of me. And she went around the corner...I'm thinking, 'Okay, she went around the corner, that's fine'. And of course, she is around the corner about to scare me. And I have oatmeal in my hand. And it was raining outside, so I was really really excited about this oatmeal. And she came around the corner, and it literally launched out of my hand and flew about five feet into the air. And I caught it. And I lost a little bit of oatmeal, which I was kind of a little bit mad about. But, I forgave her and we went on with our day."

We only have one thing to say about this hilarious on-set prank...Nice catch!


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