Awkward Moments

Posted on Mar 30, 2013

Awkward Moments Jennette McCurdy 1

Remember that time you walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck on your shoe? Or when you told your funniest joke and all you heard was crickets? Yeah...THAT was awkward. But hey, you're not alone. Awkward moments happen to all of us. Even to our fave celebs. In fact, we noticed some hilariously awkward tidbits coming from three of our most beloved stars, Jennette McCurdy, Matt Bennett and Lucas Cruikshank. Check out their cringe-worthy tweet confessions!

Awkward Moments Jennette McCurdy 2

It looks like Jennette McCurdy accidentally gave a huge "hi" to a total stranger. She tweeted, "#MostAwkwardSituations waving to someone behind another person, and the 'another person' waving back at you."

Awkward Moment's Matt Bennett 3

When Matt Bennett brought baked yummies for his fellow actors, he felt a little sheepish. "I bought everyone at this audition muffins and NO ONE WANTS TO EAT THEM," he tweeted.

Awkward Moments Lucas Cruikshank 4

And Lucas Cruikshank might never forget the moment he fell in love with lozenges. He chirped, "It's always good to accidentally spam all of your email contacts with a link to raspberry cough drops, right?"

So next time you fall flat on your face or get caught while talking to yourself, just remember... You're not alone.


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