More Deets on Big Time Movie

Posted on Feb 24, 2011


It's almost here! The premiere of BTR's awesome new flick is getting closer by the minute. But if you can't wait another second to see the boys roaming the globe as super spies, then we've got something to tide you over (for a few seconds, at least). The boys dished tons of new deets about the movie to Popstar!, and we've got it all right here.


"So, Carlos has this dream that he is in a spy movie, basically," James Maslow explained. "And we're on an airplane going to play our first world tour. It's actually kind of resemblant of real life, 'cause our second album was coming out and all that...So, he keeps believing we're in the spy movie and none of us believe him, and then it actually kinda comes true."

Carlos Pena continued, "A bag gets swapped and we have a secret in the bag that everybody wants. And we basically have to have to save a princess...I'm not going to tell you who becomes a princess, but there is a princess."

Sounds like we're in for one crazy operation in this funny new flick, and according to Logan Henderson, "there's a lot of trouble," too!


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