Austin Mahone Is A Big Time Dream!

Posted on Jul 24, 2013

BTR Big Time Dreams 1

We know you're already crazy excited for Big Time Rush's new hour long movie, "Big Time Dreams," hitting the tube tomorrow at 8/7c. But we've got some news that will make you even more psyched! The special will not only feature your four favorite fellas (yes, we're talking about Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos) but it's also chock full of awesome guest stars, like the amazing Austin Mahone! Is the Big screen even ready for a BTR-Mahone collaboration? We'll just have to wait and see...

BTR Big Time Dreams 2

You can also catch stars like Nick Cannon, Alexa Vega, Karmin and Mindless Behavior alongside BTR in this extra long episode spectacular! All these incredible celebs together on one set? "Big Time Dreams" is right! We'll give you a moment to finish freaking out...

BTR Big Time Dreams 3

So, have you calmed down enough to listen to what else you can look forward to? 'Cause we've got the deets on what this mega movie is all about! Word is that the boys will be performing at the Tween Choice Awards and will have to stop an evil villain from brainwashing the audience. Hey, nobody messes with Rushers!

BTR Big Time Dreams 4

So who's ready to watch tomorrow at 8/7c? We've got our popcorn popping and we're counting down the minutes until this epic movie kicks off. Only a few short hours left until our "Big Time Dreams" come true!

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