BTR Tour: Boston

Posted on Sep 1, 2011

The BTR boys were lookin' extra blue-tiful while showing their stuff at their latest Big Time tour performance. Why? Because they were performing at the House of Blues in Boston! Hundreds of fans came out to see the boys breakin' it down on stage in Massachusetts, and we've got all the pics from the concert, right here. Check em' out!


Kendall shot us a quick pre-show glance before boarding the stage in Boston. He looks like he's ready to rock, don't ya think?


Everybody slide to the left! Now everybody slide to the right!...Dancing like James is fun...


The boys had a blast bringin' the rush to Boston. But before they departed for yet another city, they made sure to shout out to their MA fans. James tweeted, "Boston House of Blues!!! Epic show."

Don't forget to stop in soon for pics from the next city on BTR's worldwide tour. And make sure to check out the rest of the pictures from their Boston performance while your waiting! :)


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