BTR's Favorite Game

Posted on Aug 28, 2013

BTR Favorite Game 1

Just because the BTR boys are busy on the road, doesn't mean they stay cooped up on the bus. The guys like to stretch their legs with some some awesomely active hobbies! Logan dished to Idolator, "You know, we're all really active, so, we'll be going to the gym, and we all kind of skateboard, bike, and kinda like to go see the cities."

BTR Favorite Game 2

They also create some crazy activities of their own! James dished on one of their favorite games to play on tour. "We get into a little trouble too, you know some football, ultimate urban frisbee, a game we invented [that] mostly takes place in New York City," he said. Sounds like a blast! Can we play?

BTR's Fave Game 3

And with all that running around, the boys make sure to have a balanced breakfast and delicious dinner. Kendall said, "Depending on the city, we like to try to find a place to either go eat, like I try to find a breakfast spot in the morning, or find a place to go at night."

So if you ever see a frisbee flying around town, know that the BTR boys just might be around the corner! Or at the least, maybe grabbing some grub at the local diner?

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