Big Time Rush's First Kiss!

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

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There's nothing like that oh-so-dreamy first kiss. Especially, if it's with a boy from Big Time Rush! And four lucky gals out there in the universe can actually say they locked lips with a true BTR Boyfriend. But when did Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Carlos Pena and James Maslow have their very first kiss? Thanks to their recent Q and A with Seventeen magazine, we got to find out! Check out this recap of BTR's interview, and find out what they spilled about smooching, their ultimate dream jobs, and their bad habits (yes, even boy band heartthrobs aren't completely perfect).

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Seventeen: "How old were you when you had your first kiss?"
Carlos: "I was 13 and at summer camp when I had my first kiss."
James: "I got a peck on the lips in third grade, but sixth grade was my first real kiss."
Kendall: "I was 13 when I had my first kiss..."
Logan: "I was 13."

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Seventeen: "What's your dream job?"
Carlos: "Being the lead of a new hit Broadway show!"
James: "It would be cool to captain a big ship and sail around the world. But honestly, I'm living my dream job of acting and singing right now!"
Kendall: "I'm pretty much living my dream job, but one day I would love to dedicate more time to writing and performing my own music."
Logan: "What I'm doing now. I've always wanted to be an actor. I'm hoping to continue to grow and become the best I can be."

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Seventeen: "Who in your family are you closest to?"
Carlos: "My parents."
James: "My daddio, probably, or my bro."
Kendall: "I have a great relationship with everyone in my family, but I'm closer to my brothers than anyone else because they give me a lot of guidance."
Logan: "My whole family is really tight-knit. We're a really good team."

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Seventeen: "What's your worst habit?"
Carlos: "I love everything to be organized and clean...ALL the time."
James: "Licking my lips."
Kendall: "I bite my nails! I really have to stop doing that!"
Logan: "I'm an observer, so I would say people-watching."

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