BTR Tour: Indiana State Fair

Posted on Aug 12, 2011

Big Time Rush has been making so many pit stops on their worldwide tour, we can barely keep up. We just left their blowout performance in Erie County, PA, and now they've already popped in for another awesome show in Indiana! Sheesh, we just may need to split ourselves in two to make sure we catch all these concerts! Check out these new pics from their performance at the Indiana State Fair.


These boys looked totally gorge for this fair fiesta. And we were seriously star-struck!


What's that, Logan? Oh, it's just thousands of screaming fans, nbd...


Phew! Following the boys around on tour can get pret-ty exhausting. But if they can do it, so can we! Besides, it's not like we'd actually miss one of their big time performances (what are we, crazy?). Get even more pics from this BTR tour pit stop here and make sure to check in for photos from the next show!

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