If Kendall Was A Fish

Posted on Mar 30, 2013

Kendall Schmidt Fish 1

What would it be like to live under the sea? Would you spend your days blowing bubbles and digging up sand dollars? Or would you rather stay on land and live out your life with the rest of the air-breathers? Well here's a twist. Would you choose to live underwater if Kendall Schmidt lived there, too? In an interview with Cambio, Kendall revealed what his life would be like if he turned into a fish!

Kendall Schmidt Fish 2

While answering tons of fan questions, one Rusher asked, "How would you react if you were transformed into a fish?" This was probably the first time Kendall had ever pictured himself with fins, swimming through Deep Blue. But he still knew exactly how he would react. "'Crap!'" he said. "That's really all I would be able to say."

Kendall Schmidt Fish 3

"And then I'd probably forget, very quickly," he continued. "Seven seconds and then it would be over with. And I would just be content being a fish again..." That's right. Fish are known for having pretty awful memories. Their thoughts only last a couple seconds at most! So, it's probably a good thing that Kendall was born a human. Otherwise, he'd never remember his own lyrics!


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