Big Time Rush's Live Album Signing

Posted on Nov 22, 2011

We just can't get enough of Big Time Rush lately! (Correction: we can never get enough of the rush!) But today, we got an extra special dose of BTR, when we attended their special online (and in-studio) 'Elevate' album signing via livestream!


The boys took to the stage with host, J Boogie, to chat in front of a live audience (and tons of fans online) about their new album and life as a BTR band member. Kendall Schmidt kicked it off by chatting up their new hit record, 'Elevate'. He said, "We're super proud of this album. I think it's a complete step up from the first one. And when we were writing it, we were writing to make music, not writing for the TV show. And I think it really stands out and kind of shows all of our personalities."


And what's in store for the new tour? Logan Henderson said, "It's gonna be stepped up in every way. Honestly, it's gonna be night and day difference from what you guys have seen before."


Then the boys took some questions from fans. One fan wondered, "What is the most exciting thing about going on tour?" And Carlos Pena said, "Sleeping...It's not the most exciting thing. But honestly, it's definitely a plus. 'Cause all those 12 hour bus rides, you actually get to sleep, which is nice." Now we know what to get Carlos for the holidays...some zZz's!


Another fan asked, "What's the best part about being in a band?" And James Maslow replied, "Getting to see the world. We've gotten to travel so much." Kendall added, "My favorite thing, definitely, is getting to play shows. But to see like 10,000 people enjoying what you're doing is like, it's the best job in the world."

But what's the best part about being a BTR fan? ...Getting to finally see them in person! ;)
P.S - They're even more gorgeous close up!

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