Late Logan

Posted on Jun 16, 2013

Logan Henderson BTR Late 1

BTR's Kendall Schmidt sat down with Just Jared Jr. and dished some deets about his fellow band mates. Who has a closet the size of a small country? Speaking of style, who loves being fashionable late? These answers may surprise you...

Logan Henderson BTR Late 2

Which BTR boy is the clutter champ? According to Kendall, it's a tie! "Carlos has a closet the size of a living room, but maybe because it's all organized it looks like a lot." The star then admitted, "Mine is just spread out around the house. There are four rooms that have piles of clothes of mine in them."

Logan Henderson BTR Late 3

When it comes to being late, there's no question that Logan is king! "He's just late, he doesn't do much to his hair..." Kendall said, "But for some reason we're in the van waiting to go to the airport or something and Logan is the last one to come down." Sounds like the guys should spend less dough on clothes and buy Logan a watch instead! ;)


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