Does BTR Heart Music or Acting?

Posted on Jul 3, 2013

BTR Music or Acting 1

Juggling both acting and music careers can't be easy. But after making three albums, a TV show and a movie, the Big Time Rush boys are pros at it! But if it came down to it, which bit of the biz would the guys choose? James and Kendall have different opinions on the matter, and they dished it all to Parade.

BTR Music or Acting 2

It's a tough choice for James, but he admitted he's got his mind on the movies. He said, "If I had to pick, it would be film... But I'm still going to continue to write music for myself and others. I love it. I grew up loving it, and I'll never let it go."

BTR Music or Acting 3

But while James has big screen dreams, Kendall's true talent is in tunes. He explained, "Doing a TV show is a blast, but music is all I can think about. I'd love to run a label one day. Music has definitely taken over as a passion and performing live for people is the most satisfying thing you can do. I hope I can keep doing that my entire life." Wait a second, does this mean Kendall will be living the life of Gustavo? Well, he definitely has the talent and expertise... all he needs is a super sweet 'stache!

Well, whenever James makes his very first movie, we have an idea for who can record the soundtrack... Kendall!


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