Zebra Time Rush!

Posted on Apr 11, 2013

BTR New Album Name 1

Summer is already looking extra sunny, 'cause word is out that Big Time Rush is turning up the heat with a brand new album. Woohoo! But the boys aren't revealing much about the new record. In fact, they won't even give up the name! In the boys' interview with Cambio, Carlos dished, "We have a new album coming out sometime this summer... the name is still top secret. We got it, but it's top secret."

BTR New Album Name 2

Top secret?! But we NEED to know now! Well, being the generous gentlemen they are, they gave up the first letter of the first word in the title. What is it?! According to Carlos, "Z!" The letter Z, eh? Hmm... let's think about this. Could the new album be named, Zebra Time Rush?

BTR New Album Name 3

Or maybe they're thinking of titling it, Zombie Time Rush! Zucchini Time Rush? Zig-Zag Time Rush? Zookeeper Time Rush?!!

Okay, okay. None of these names are right. The truth is, Carlos was only teasing. It doesn't start with a Z at all! But James was kind enough to give us a real hint. "I guess we could tell you that the first letter is not a letter." Oh! Could the new album be named Five Time Rush? Ten Time Rush?! Ugh, we'll never guess it...

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