Big Time Rush with Superpowers?

Posted on Jul 4, 2011

Move over, Superman! The boys of Big Time Rush have got some serious star power, but that's not the only superhuman gift they've got up their sleeves (or under their capes). Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos spilled to TeenVogue about which superpower they'd pick if they were phantom heroes.


James said, "I think I'd want to fly. It's a pretty common request but I think it'd be awesome."

Logan agreed, but decided he'd be a little different. He said, "Aw, come on! Flying is like the ultimate superpower, it's just like, the coolest thing. I don't want to pick the same one. Teleportation? Yeah, let's do that."

Kendall admitted to having a little bit of a spide-y sense. He explained,"I've always kind of had a thing for Spider-Man. It wasn't unreasonable. I mean, obviously he's shooting webs out of his wrists, but it wasn't like he could just fly anywhere, or pick up anything. He can climb buildings, and be all spidery."

And Carlos stuck to power of the seas. He said, "I've always wanted to be able to hold my breath for like, ever, and swim in the water like a fish. So I guess Aquaman power?"

We think you could definitely pull of these powers, guys. But good luck squeezing into those superhero tights! Ouch.


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