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Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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Being a BTR boy isn't easy. It takes lots and lots of practice. (Hey, those dance moves are pretty tough!) But what do the boys really think about all their Big Time steps on stage? We're about to find out! The guys spilled all about their boy band dancing in a recent review with Celebuzz. And Carlos even admitted to being the pop-and-lock guru of the group.

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So what dance numbers do the boys like best? Kendall picked "No Idea," just because it's "so simple." Carlos agreed, adding, "I'm a huge Broadway guy, so for me that's like my Broadway moment. I get into it, I got my little spotlight and I'm singing my song and I'm like, YES." But even these seasoned pros are not always so light on their toes. Carlos admitted to dreading "Show Me," saying, "I don't know why...There's this one little thing with the feet that I'm not 100 percent on. So I'm always like, 'Oh! Here comes that part that I'm not 100 percent on!'"

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And even though these guys are always in synch on stage, they've still got different styles. "I would say that I'm kinda like the hip-hop guy," Carlos explained. "He went to school for it," Kendall chimed in. "So every move is like he's on [the] Broadway stage."

Okay, so Carlos was schooled from the start. But not all of the boys were born performers. "I'm gonna give Kendall credit and say that he came in and never danced before," Carlos said. "We were all kinda worried about him. And he stepped up his game, and we gotta say, he does look very natural."

As for the other boys, "Logan, he's the forgetful one," Carlos explained. "We always have to be like, 'Logan it's this foot!'" But Kendall added, "But his stage presence, he's so confident that, that's history." And last but not least, "James is just, he's super athletic," Kendall said. "So anything you throw at him he's like, 'Okay, cool. Got it'."

Whether they learned their moves in the classroom or picked it up on-the-go, these guys are all superbly talented when it comes to boy band boogieing.

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