Big Time Rush's Tour Essentials!

Posted on Jul 7, 2013

BTR Tour Essentials 1

It's traveling time for the boys of BTR as they take their tunes on the Summer Break Tour. But when they're spending all that time away from home, what kind of stuff is essential on the bus? Extra TV asked, and each of the boys answered! For Logan, an extra set of wheels always comes in handy. "A skateboard is always something I need to have on the road, cause we're always traveling around, so it's good to have a skateboard," he said.

BTR Tour Essentials 2

Kendall's needs are a bit more practical. "A sturdy suitcase," he said. For carrying all of his sweetest stage threads, no doubt.

BTR Tour Essentials 3

And Logan answered for Carlos, spilling an adorable secret! "Carlos brings his stuffed animals," he laughed. Hey, how else can you fall asleep on that bumpy ride? For the record, we think this fun fact is oh-so-adorable!

BTR Tour Essentials 4

But James needs some cuddle buddies too! "I gotta bring my real animal," James added. And yes, he means his pet pooch Fox, of course. Between an extra set of wheels, a sturdy suitcase, toy animals, and real animals, we think the boys have every corner of road life covered.


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