Big Time Rush Performs at Universal Orlando Resort!

Posted on May 25, 2011

The BTR boys are no stranger to the road. Their big time tour bus has been making stops all over the globe! What's their latest performance pit stop? We'll give you a's the home of the orange and it's known as the sunniest state around...That's right, it's Florida! The boys slapped on their shades and took to Orlando for another fantastic performance at Universal Orlando Resort. And their Floridian fans were totally thrilled. Who needs roller coasters when you can get all the Rush you need from BTR?


The boys busted out some crazy choreography during this outdoor performance. Look at them go!


The fans were completely awe-struck when the boys took the stage.


Encore! We don't want "Any Kind of Guy". We want the boys of BTR! Can they make an encore performance in our town, please?

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