BTR and Victoria's Summer BBQ!

Posted on Aug 9, 2013

Victoria BTR Tour BBQ 1

When Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice need to take a break from their Summer Break Tour, all they have to do is head to their tour buses to chill! Victoria told the Chicago Sun-Times just how much she enjoys spending time with the boys. "Big Time Rush are super nice and talented guys who I love hanging out with while out on tour," she gushed.

Victoria BTR Tour BBQ 2

Vic even dished on some of the fun-in-the-sun activities going down while the crew is off stage. "We even recently had a parking lot party with the entire crew," Victoria said. "We barbequed and danced, and even when it started pouring raining, we didn't let it stop the party. It was one of those summer nights that you didn't want to end."

Victoria BTR Tour BBQ 3

Rain or shine, it doesn't get much better than beating the heat with a little bit of BTR BBQ. One question, though. Were there corn dogs at this back stage soiree? Hey, when you party with Carlos, you gotta bring the corn dogs, right?!


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