BTR Tour: Vermont

Posted on Aug 31, 2011

We've been keeping a weather eye out to catch the next performance pit stop from Big Time Rush. And our current forecast shows a total rush taking over the northeast! The BTR boys were lighting up the stage in Vermont over the weekend, and we caught them just in time for all the action.


For some of the boys, it was a maiden voyage to The Green Mountain State. Kendall tweeted, "About to play a show in Vermont! First time I've ever been here.."


But the fans were more than ready for these first-time visitors. They polished themselves perfect before their big time crushes arrived.


And the show went off without a hitch! (And it may have been the best show yet!) Carlos tweeted, "had the most amazing show vermont!! best crowd!!! thank you thank you!!! going to bed!!" Logan chirped, "Had such a great time playing in Vermont tonight! I must say you guys really brought the energy... Thanks for a great show!" And James tweeted, "Vermont!!! Awesome show. Much love! Xoxo, JM "

Don't miss the rest of the Vermont tour pictures here, and make sure to check in for the next round of BTR performance pics from the road. Believe us, their worldwide tour takeover is far from over.


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