Who Would BTR Slime?

Posted on Jun 23, 2013

Who Would BTR Slime 1

When it comes to slime, no one is safe. Not even the guys of Big Time Rush. And since they've all had their even share of the awesome, gooey green stuff, they spoke all about who else deserves to be doused with this high honor. When the peeps at The Showbiz 411 asked the boys which British actor, actress or musician they would slime, they named not one, but THREE deserving stars. Check it out!

Who Would BTR Slime 2

Kendall Schmidt picked one of Britain's biggest stars as his bid, saying, "I think Adele maybe would use a good slime." Nothing like a little Nick slime to show this British star how much we heart her!

Who Would BTR Slime 3

But that's just the beginning! James Maslow had his slime pick ready to go and said, "You know, Jessie J could use a good sliming." We totally agree! Taking this celeb down like a domino would be amazing!

Who Would BTR Slime 4

And if one pick wasn't enough, James even had a second would-be slimer. In fact, she was even a guest star on Big Time Scandal. "I bet Cher Lloyd would be down, she came on our show and was a great sport about it, so I'm sure she'd be cool," he said. If you didn't already know, gunky slime is the PERFECT way to say thank you!

So is this the beginning of a BTR vs. British star slime war? 'Cause if so, we'll bring the slime!


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