Fan Interview With Big Time Rush

Posted on Sep 17, 2011

We've all done it...dreamed about what it would be like to meet the four hockey-playing heartthrobs from BTR, what it would be like to actually get to ask them the questions we've been dying to know the answers to since Big Time Rush first sang their way into our hearts. Like whether or not Jo and Kendall will ever get back together? Or how James gets his hair to look that unbelievably good? Well, this dream actually came true for one lucky fan during the BTR summer tour. She got to hang with the boys backstage and ask them tons of her own questions, thanks to radio station Kiss 98.5! Check out all her fantastic fan questions...


First, she asked about the best pranks the boys have ever pulled. And Carlos said, "I basically got a stink bomb and put it into the sound stage. And it made the whole sound stage smell. But that wasn't the prank. These boys [referring to the rest of the BTR guys] basically put two stink bombs in my little dressing room. So basically, it smelled for days."

Then, she asked Carlos if he really does love eating corn dogs. He admitted, "I love corn dogs. But I've eaten so much on the show, that you know like when you've eaten something a lot and you kind of get sick of it? Well, I used to eat so many on the show that I'm kind of on a corn dog hiatus right now. A little break...But if I had to pick a favorite food it would be potatoes. Anything potatoes. Like mashed potatoes, anything.

And which Big Time Rush episode is the boys' favorite? Well, James spilled, "Collectively, Big Time Beach Party was one of our favorites because we got to spend two weeks in Malibu. Which for anybody, is a pretty good treat."

And lastly, she asked the boys if it's hard being so Famous. Kendall replied, "We never really considered ourselves famous. We're kinda just four dorks that get to travel around on a bus."

Well, if that's really true, then BTR is four of the coolest dorks we've ever known!

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