Big Time Rush Has Fantastic Fans!

Posted on Oct 14, 2011

Following Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Carlos Pena, and James Maslow around the globe on their Big Time tour was, in one word...perf-ection! It was Big Night after Big Night, touring town to town with the dreamy Minnesotans. But we weren't the only ones rushing cross-country to catch the boys in action. Thousands of fans worldwide came to their city's stage to watch the boys rock out in their home town. And trust us when we say, the BTR boys have the fabbest fans of all time! From sparkly signage to supersonic screams, these BTR buffs sure knew how to give their performers a warm welcome. These devotees were so rad, in fact, that we just had to snap some pics of them showing their love for the boys. Check out the sweetest fan pics from our time on tour with Big Time Rush!


The first rule of being a BTR tour crowd member...You must rock a homemade band shirt. Just grab some friends, a florescent tee, and some multi-colored puffy paint and you're golden!


And if you want to see a sign of a good time, just look to these fans! The crowd had no problem advertising their Big Time crushes.


And all this fan fare definitely pays off. Every show, the boys brought one lucky girl up on stage and rewarded her with a sweet serenade. Yup, life pretty much doesn't get better than this...

So a big thanks to all the fans out there who made this BTR tour totally rock! And to honor all the BTR zealots from around the globe, check out this full flipbook of fan photos now. You just might spot yourself!

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