BTR Gets The Giggles On Set

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

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The BTR boys put a lot of hard work into making Big Time Rush awesome, but even pros like them accidentally break out into the giggles on set sometimes! (Working all day with your hilarious best friends, who can blame them?) And there's one goofy guy who all the boys agree is especially tough to keep a straight face around...can you figure out who makes the boys bust a gut?

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Kendall Schmidt dished to Fanlala about getting the giggles, saying, "I start laughing at a lot of people. Especially working with Stephen Glickman who plays Gustavo. He does these really crazy faces, and he'll be yelling at you and you start laughing and you can't get back on track for like five minutes." James Maslow agrees, "He makes everyone laugh."

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And once Kendall gets the giggles going, the lol's are contagious! Carlos Pena revealed, "It's kind of a chain reaction, because if Kendall starts, and he'll have some smirk on his face, we'll know he's laughing about something, and we'll look at him and it's over." On the bright side, at least none of the boys are alone in their laughter, as Logan Henderson says, "We all get ourselves in trouble honestly, all of us together."

Since the boys make US laugh so hard, it's no surprise they have trouble keeping themselves from ROFL-ing on set!


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