How Does BTR Prep For The Stage?

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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Any Rusher knows, BTR puts on some of the greatest shows on earth! From super cool stunts, to amazing choreography, these boys know just what it takes to get their fans up and jumping. But where exactly does all their high energy come from? Well, Carlos Pena and James Maslow revealed their pre-performance routine to Cambio and we've got the full recap right here!

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While many performers like to indulge in some R&R before taking to the stage, BTR buds James and Carlos have a whole different way of prepping. "Lots of food, lots of water and kind of just dancing around," Carlos said. "James and I actually go work out right before the show, it's a weird strategy."

"I know it sounds crazy but it gives you energy," James added. "Just enough to do an hour and a half performance and then we it's a good way to fall asleep on the bus too."

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Whether they're sneaking in a quick gym visit minutes before their opening number, or snoozing post-show, these dudes definitely know the recipe for a knockout tour.


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