BTR Tour: West Virginia

Posted on Aug 15, 2011

This just in...The boys of BTR just made a stop in the wild West! No, they're not sporting cowboy hats and saddle boots (wrong wild West). We're talking about the crazy crowd in West Virginia! Only one day after their awesome performance pit stop in Peru, Illinois, the boys were already in a new city and ready to bring the rush to another jam-packed stadium of fans.


The show kicked off on Sunday (8/14) and before the show started, James spilled his anticipation in a little last minute back-stage tweet. He chirped, "West Virginia!!!"


But James wasn't the only one excited for the show (duh). Thousands of fans showed up to see the boys live in person!


And when the band finally took over the stage, they didn't miss a single big time beat. Check out even more pics of the boys lighting up the stage in West Virginia and make sure to check in soon for a recap of the next BTR show. Now back to the tour bus!

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