BTR Tour: York, PA

Posted on Sep 14, 2011

Logan's got no fear of performing in front of gargantuan crowds packed with thousands of screaming fans. If he did, well, then he wouldn't be a boy of Big Time Rush! Every single concert on their worldwide tour has been overflowing with Rushers waiting to hear their fave hit songs! And the crowd in York, PA was no different. Check out the pics from their Pennsylvania performance and see what Logan dished to JustJaredJr. about goin' big time for a full house.


Kendall shook hands with some fans in the front row while singing on stage...Who needs soap? We're never washing these hands again!


And James really brought the magic to this performance. He's practically hovering in mid air! LOL.


But how did Logan feel about jumping around on stage in front of thousands of fans? Well, he dished to JustJaredJr., "I mean, honestly, we've always said that we have the best fans in the world, because girls, guys, parents -- everyone is welcome, and they all show up. And you know what? They're all more than willing to support us and to have a great time at the shows. And so we really look forward to playing the shows, because it's basically just one huge party. So we love it."

And we love attending! ...We also love checking out all the fun tour pics afterwards :).

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