Bucket and Skinner On Set Pranks

Posted on Jun 19, 2011

Going behind-the-scenes of Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures is no joke. Okay, well actually it's full of jokes, LOL. These hilarious, sweet surfing stars love to horse around backstage. And judging my our latest interview, they have a serious prank war going on! We caught up with Ashley Argota, Taylor Gray, and Dillon Lane, and they spilled the deets on all their behind-the-scenes gags.


Taylor Gray said, "Dylan and I love to just have fun on set so we do little things all the time. The big thing with Ashley is she loves her phone so of course it's shouting out to us, 'Take it!'. So we'll take her phone and we'll go hide it cause there's a lot of cool places to hide her phone on set. And then we'll also do things with drinks. We took an old, old hot chocolate once and we hid it behind one of the doors on set. And we wanted to see how long it would last. And it turned into the nastiest, moldiest science experiment you would ever think possible...We've also hid little pieces of paper and then we'll wait to see how long they'll last in certain places. You might be able to see them when you're watching the show. We have them hidden in places that are visible but we don't want anyone to move them. It's pretty cool."


But according to Dillon Lane, Ashley's fighting back! He said, "Well for the first few weeks, I think my favorite person to prank was Ashley just cause she's so innocent and so sweet and stuff, but now she's kind of getting vicious and she likes to prank us back so we kind of leave her alone cause she's kind of maniacal. I don't know what she's capable of, she kind of scares me, and so I like to prank Taylor."


Even though Dillon says they're letting up on Ashley, she begs to differ! She spilled, " time when I wasn't there they tweeted me pictures of them in my room and I was like, 'Ok, you guys can be in there as long as you don't trash my room'. And the next picture I got was my trashed room. They cleaned it back up, but it was really funny."

LOL! These side-splitting stars are fool of fun! We can't wait to see them bring all their tricks to the tube when their epic show premieres in just 12 days!

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