Buddy's Practical Yolk

Posted on Aug 3, 2013

Buddy's Practical Yolk 1

Wanna hear something eggstaordinary? Then listen up to this story! Buddy Handleson told The Columbus Dispatch all about filming a particularly slimy scene for Wendell and Vinnie that made him the butt of a practical yolk!

Buddy's Practical Yolk 2

"A guy behind the camera, one of our prop guys, was going to splash me with egg yolk in a cup," Buddy explained. "I did not expect it to be slimy or cold. It was so ...oh gosh, I shudder. I was flinching before they even tossed the egg, so it didn't look real. So they said they were going to do a countdown from '3' to '1,' but on '3' they tossed the egg, and I was not expecting that at all."

Buddy's Practical Yolk 3

Clearly, Buddy's a pro at handling even the slimiest of stunts while making TV magic. But he wasn't always so confident in front the cameras! He told San Jose Mercury News that when we was little, he was super shy on set. "I'd actually run from the cameras," he said. Well, if there was an egg flying at our head, we'd definitely run too. Good thing Buddy's got his brave face on now, or else we'd be lost without these LOL-worthy scenes!


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