Buddy's Fave Unicorn

Posted on Jun 22, 2013

Buddy Handleson Fave Unicorn 1

When Wendell & Vinnie star Buddy Handleson has a Q&A, he means business. In a chirp-fest with some of his fave fans, he dished all about his favorite things and even did a little horsing around. Here's what we found out! While Buddy's not a guy for starting trouble, if the odds were stacked against them, he's all about choosing his battles wisely. A fan asked, "Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 10 duck-sized horses?" and his reply was what any boy would say: "10 duck sized horses."

Buddy Handleson Fave Unicorn 2

And when it comes to getting schooled, Buddy's all about taking things way back. When another fan asked him what his fave subject was, Buddy wasted no time in saying it was history! How's that for old school?

Buddy Handleson Fave Unicorn 3

Ready for one more awesome fun fact? Of course you are! It turns out that Buddy has a thing for horses, real and even make-believe ones too! A fan wanted to know what his most-loved type of unicorn was, and Buddy chose no favorites. He said it was "the one that does unicorn stuff!" which is pretty much as unicorn as one can get...right?

Next time, we'll have to ask exactly what this 'unicorn stuff' is, and whether or not in involves magical rainbows.


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