Buddy Is Seeing Stars

Posted on Aug 19, 2013

Buddy Handleson Seeing Stars 1

Want to know who's giving the phrase starry-eyed a whole new meaning? Everyone's favorite TV nephew, Buddy Handleson! But wait a second... just what kind of stars is Buddy seeing? Did he get totally knocked out, giving him a dizzying ring of bright lights above the bump on his head? Or did Buddy have an unexpected run-in with one of his all-time favorite celebrities? Hmm, let's find out...

Buddy Handleson Seeing Stars 2

None of the above! Buddy was actually gazing at the heavens. On a recent trip to Indiana, Buddy took to the tweet trees to chatter all about his breathtaking view of the nighttime sky. "Omg you can see so many stars in Indiana like you don't see this in LA," he chirped. Sounds beautiful!

Buddy Handleson Seeing Stars 3

Buddy may have been in awe of the brilliant cosmos in the sky, but the truth is, Buddy sees shining stars every single day! Working and living in a hood like Hollywood, you see celebrity superstars 24/7. Plus, when he's in need of some star gazing, all Buddy really needs to do is look in the mirror. :)


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