Burkely Gives Advice on Being 'The New Kid'!

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

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Being the new kid in school is never easy. Making all new friends can seem scarier than getting trapped in Victor's office solo (ahhh!). But here's the good news...there's an expert who's here to help! If there's one person who knows about life as a new kid, it's Burkely Duffield. Not only did he come in to the Anubis crew as 'Eddie the outsider' from the US of A, but he also changed schools as a kid!

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"I was going into grade three, I changed schools and I moved across the city," he said. "...You've got to meet new friends, you've got to fit in and meet new teachers and all that kind of stuff." But even though it seems scary at first, Burkely learned the key to meeting new peeps and finding where you fit! "You've got to be yourself, find some people that you like to spend time with and after that hope for the best and just let yourself fit in where you are."

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You heard it yourself, when in doubt, just be YOU! But to those of you out there who are still feeling like you don't fit in, just listen to Burkely's wise words of advice. "Everything always works out," he said. "...give it time and everything will be fine."


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