Burkely's Favorite HOA Character!

Posted on Jan 29, 2013

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Who's your fave character in the Anubis cast? We know. It's totally hard to choose! But even though it was a tough call to make for Sibuna member Burkely Duffield, he managed to give us his pick. And it turns out, it's one of the newbies! (Sorry all you Peddie fans out there).

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"One of my favorite things about our show is that there's so much variance between characters," Burkely said. But even though he digs all the roles on HOA, there's one that stands out above the rest. "One of my favorite characters this season is, I think from the shock value of her being a new character, is Louisa, who plays Willow," Burkely gushed.

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"She hasn't been on the series yet," he continued. "But she's definitely kind of this new quirky sense that comes in and she has a lot of funny lines." And Louisa gives Burkely the giggles behind-the-scenes, too! "...Even the rehearsals we always find ourselves cracking up," he admitted. "So I think she's one of my favorite characters for sure."

We've gotta side with Burkely on this one. Willow rules! But which Anubis character is at the top of your faves list?

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