Burkely Duffield's Foot Fashions

Posted on Jan 17, 2013

Blog Image Burkely Foot Fashions Image 1

Nothing says, 'I've got sweet style' like a pair of cool kicks. And House of Anubis star Burkely Duffield knows exactly what we're talkin' bout. In fact, one of his favorite things to rock 24/7 is a set of colorful sneaks! Not only have we seen them in person (they're even more awesome up close), but he also told us all about them during our exclusive interview!

Blog Image Burkely Foot Fashions Image 2

While chatting with the star during a HOA shoot in London, he admitted that he was wearing a pair of "yellow and purple" high-top sneakers at that very moment! Even on set, his foot fashions are completely on point!

Blog Image Burkely Foot Fashions Image 3

But is this just part of a fading trend? Nope! Burkely described himself as "definitely a big fan of the flashy shoes." His reasoning? "They put a little color in your outfit, whatever you seem to be wearing...Throw them on with with jeans and you know, it's kind of cool." Note taken!


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